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As the digital landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, dismantling and disrupting the way that we do business, how can we ensure that we harness the diverse skills of our workforce to create impactful innovation? Natalie Turner, Author, TEDx speaker and innovation culture and skills specialist, focuses on the importance of diversity of skills and ways of thinking in her highly interactive Keynote through the lens of her methodology, the Six ‘I’s® of Innovation.

The Six ‘I’s® offers an end-to-end people-centred approach to innovation, blending the principles of design thinking with organisational development, and a unique innovation strengths assessment for individuals and teams.  Natalie is the author of Business Book of the Month, Yes, You Can Innovate. Discover your innovation strengths and develop your creative potential and Founder and CEO of The Entheo Network. Natalie has worked for and consulted with some of the world’s leading organisations including CISCO Systems,  Singapore Airlines and LEO Pharma Asia, helping them build innovation systems, culture and capabilities, as well as generating new ideas to help them grow their teams and businesses. From the UK, Natalie now lives in Malaysia, works out of Singapore and travels the world extensively, inspiring people to reach their innovation potential.

Natalie has three degrees; a BA Hons in Politics & Legislative studies, an MSc in Economics and Social Psychology and an MBA.

Example Keynote

Yes, You Can Innovate. Unleash your creative potential

All organisations want to become more innovative – not surprising as those that succeed are twice as profitable as those who don’t.  What sets successful innovators apart is their ability to embed innovation deeply into the culture of their organisation and their ways of working and thinking. This is no coincidence nor is it magic.

In this Keynote you will takeaway:

  • Six key strategies for harnessing the skills of innovation
  • A clear step-by-step guide to enable you to bring ideas to life
  • Enthusiasm for how to innovate in day to day work as well as innovation projects
  • Inspiration about your innovation strengths through self-reflection on the six mindsets of an innovator

Central to the engagement, is the practical application of The 6 ‘I’s® of Innovation, an integrated innovation methodology invented by Natalie and used by multi nationals around the world, including Cisco Systems, LEO Pharma Asia and Singapore Airlines. A hybrid between a Keynote and interactive workshop, Yes, You can Innovate is a highly insightful and experiential and encourages audience reflection, participation and discussion.

Natalie has spoken on leadership, change, and innovation at some of the top speaking engagements in the world, including TEDx Singapore, Singapore Women’s Congress, Harvard University’s HPAIR and numerous corporate and governmental organisations.

Listen to Natalie speak on leadership, change, and innovation to enable leaders and teams to create impact from new ideas.

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Speaker Profile


Natalie is a frequent speaker at organisations, conferences and universities.  Below are a number of places where she has spoken on the topics of innovation, leadership and change.

American Chamber of Commerce (Cambodia)

A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research)


Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)



ETPL (Exploit Technologies)


Harvard University HPAIR Philippines (Harvard Project for Asian International Relations)

Hyper Island

iSuite Club Singapore

ISPIM – International Society for Professional Innovation Management

MERCER HR Conference

National University of Singapore (NUS)

Ministry of Education Singapore

Ministry of Defense Singapore

Ministry of Health Singapore

Roffey Park Asia Pacific

Standard Chartered Bank

Singapore Armed Forces

Singapore Management University (SMU)

Singapore Women’s Congress

Total Oil

Signature Trend Malaysia

Listen to Natalie talk about The Speaker’s PURPOSE in the Age of Digital Disruption at the Asia Speakers Convention, Singapore, May 2019

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