The 6 ‘I’s® Certification explained


We work through a network of professionally certified Associates and Partners around the world. We also equip our clients to build internal 6 ’I’s® capabilities. Hear from some of the professionals in our network.


Are you?

  • An innovation champion or leader looking to build innovation capability and culture

  • An innovation consultant, coach or trainer who would like to extend your range of assessment tools and methodologies

  • A training, research or consulting firm who wants to extend their client offering in the field of innovation

  • An educator looking for an innovation skills profile to build into teaching syllabus

The training involves a four-day face to face Certification Programme where you will learn how to administer and interpret 6 ‘I’s® Individual and Team Profiles and apply a range of innovation tools across each of the 6 ‘I’s® to an innovation challenge.

Level One (Day 1 and 2) focuses on understanding the dynamics of the 6 ‘I’s® Model and how to interpret and apply the three 6 ‘I’s® assessment tools – Standard Report, Full Report and Team Report.

Level Two (Day 3 and 4) builds on Level One and focuses on applying the 6 ‘I’s® Model on an Innovation Challenge, covering a variety of tools and techniques to facilitate groups of people to innovate; and how to embed innovation into the culture of the team or organisation.


The 6 ‘I’s® Certification Programme is designed for facilitators, consultants, trainers, practitioners, innovation champions and managers interested in:

  • Supporting individuals to understand their innovation strengths and develop new skills

  • Working with teams to innovate – creating new products, services and processes

  • Enabling organisations to create more conducive environments that stimulate innovation – building skills, culture and capabilities

The Programme blends theory and experiential activities with active learning principles.

Programme Overview

Day 1
Foundation (AM)

  • Introductions
  • Key definitions
  • Experience Six ‘I’s® through rapid prototyping
  • Introduction to Six ‘I’s® Model
  • Facilitation practice

Skills Building – Part One (PM)

  • Innovation Game to explore the Six ‘I’s® attributes
  • Introduction to the Six ‘I’s® Individual profiling tool
  • Interpretation and feedback practice
  • Review + Assessment
Day 2

Skills Building – Part Two (AM)

  • Introduction to the Six ‘I’s® Standard Report
  • Deep dive into the Six ‘I’s® Full Report
  • Explore and explain how scores are calculated
  • Interpretation and feedback practice

Skills Building – Part Three (PM)

  • Introduction to the Six ‘I’s® Team profiling tool
  • Explore and explain how the results are calculated
  • Interpretation and feedback practice
  • Review + Assessment
Day 3

Skills Building – Part Four (AM)

  • Apply the Six ‘I’s® Model to Innovation Challenge, starting with PURPOSE
  • IDENTIFY: Toolkit
  • Facilitation practice
  • Reinforcement of (i) individual and team profiles; (ii) culture and mindset

Skills Building – Part Five (PM)

  • Observation synthesis
  • Insight generation
  • IGNITEToolkit
  • Facilitation practice
  • Reinforcement of (i) individual and team profiles; (ii) culture and mindset
  • Review + Assessment
Day 4

Skills Building – Part Six (AM)

  • INVESTToolkit
  • IMPLEMENTToolkit
  • Facilitation practice
  • Reinforcement of (i) individual and team profiles; (ii) culture and mindset

Consolidation of Learning (PM)

  • IMPROVEToolkit
  • Revisit key components in the Six ‘I’s® Model
  • Certification discussion
  • Review + Assessment
  • Close + Next steps

Please note that the topics listed above are described in a linear fashion for clarity of understanding. In the session, they will be delivered in an experiential manner with interactive exercises built in to strengthen learning.

Currently we run Certification Programmes in London and Singapore.

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Certification and Assessment Process

Pre Complete 6 ‘I’s® Profiling Assessment; Prepare and complete an activity; Purchase and read ‘Yes You Can Innovate Book’ by Natalie Turner.
During Theory quizzes and Interpretation of Individual/Team Profiles
Post Demonstrate competence of the Six ‘I’s® Model and profiles by applying it to individuals and a team. Reports to be submitted within three months of completing the Certification Programme.

By the end of the Programme, you will be able to:

1 Explain key innovation related concepts and how they can enhance innovation efforts and provide a common language

2 Describe the components of the 6 ‘I’s® and how it is a comprehensive and complete human-centred approach to innovation

3 Analyse and interpret a 6 I’s® Profile to help an individual understand their innovation strengths and areas of development

4 Analyse and interpret a 6 ‘I’s® Profile to help a team understand their collective innovation strengths and areas of development

5 Apply the 6 ‘I’s® Individual and Team Profiles for skills and organisational development

6 Apply seven innovation tools to support teams as they progress through the 6 ‘I’s® Model on a practical innovation challenge.

Benefits of attending the Programme

Formal, globally recognised, 6 ‘I’s® Certification
Access to additional, in depth, 6 ‘I’s® Individual Reports that show an individual’s results within each of the 6 ‘I’s®. Only available to Certified Practitioners. Valued at $199 USD
6 ‘I’s® Taster Module to get you started (PowerPoint slides & Session Plan)
6 ‘I’s® Sales deck of slides to present to prospective clients or share inside your organisation
Discount on 6 ‘I’s® products such as 6 ‘I’s® Floor Mats, Table Mats and Games
Free membership to 6 ‘I’s® global Community with your name listed on the 6 ‘I’s® website

How the 6 ‘I’s® will benefit your business

Post Certification, there are a number of ways that you can use and apply the 6 ‘I’s® in your work, whether it be in your organisation or with your clients. They include:

Individual Level

  1. Individual 6 ‘I’s® Profiling to help build awareness of innovation strengths and challenges
  2. One to one coaching with individuals on their 6 ‘I’s® Results to help build skills and capabilities

Team Level

  1. Profiling Teams and using 6 ‘I’s® Reports as a diagnostic tool to understand strengths, challenges and areas for development
  2. Using the 6 ‘I’s® Model to facilitate and coach teams to generate ideas, create value propositions and work out plans for implementation

Organisational Level

  1. Using Individual Profiles to build teams with the right mix of innovation skills for new projects
  2. Enhancing organisational development by using the 6 ‘I’s® as a diagnostic tool. Applications include:
    1. Creating supporting innovation processes
    2. Innovation leadership and management development
    3. Fostering an innovation culture that supports each of the ‘I’s

We also have one and two-day training Programmes, with full presentation decks and session plans, that you can utilise within a value sharing model.

This can be discussed if of interest post Certification.

The Certification includes in-depth training on the 6 ‘I’s® Full Report, which gives a detailed analysis of the attributes that make up an individual’s 6 ‘I’s® Profile.

The Full Report must be administered by a Certified 6 ‘I’s® Practitioner.

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