We offer managers, trainers or consultants, whether independent or within organisational life, a practical suite of applications, systems and tools that help to unleash innovation potential.

The 6 ‘I’s® focuses on a human-centred approach to innovation, blending design thinking tools, and organisational development, with a unique, individual and team innovation strengths profiling tool to offer a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to innovation.

It mirrors the unpredictable and iterative human journey that ideas take from their inception through to the creation of something that is valuable. Each ‘I’ requires different skills, capabilities with supporting processes and culture that need to be maximised if an organisation is to innovate consistently and effectively.

Through our Partner Network we offer:

Six ‘I’s® Model

A comprehensive end-to-end innovation framework that gives a common language for understanding innovation

Workshops and Training Programmes

A suite of innovation programmes/workshops to build innovation skills and create new ideas

Individual & Team Profiles

Individual and Team Profiles Assessments to measure and enable innovation skills development

Comprehensive Online Toolkit

A supporting online Tool Kit with a range of tools to help individuals and teams practically innovate in a workshop and/or project based setting

Team Coaching

Individual or Team coaching to help embed learning and deliver on innovation projects

Innovation Management Platform

An Innovation Management Platform to help measure innovation effectiveness, performance and track Return on Innovation Investment


Certification programmes for individuals who want to use the 6 ‘I’s® in their organisations or with their clients

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