Dare to Dream

It was a cold and rainy day in London, and I had invited a good friend over for a catch up. "Have you ever done a Future Interview?" He asked as we made a cup of tea together in the kitchen. I poured water into the kettle and stared out of the window. Things were tough. It was 2010 and we were in the midst of the global recession.

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Innovating in management is the next frontier of competitive advantage

Innovating in management is the new frontier of competitive advantage. Why? Because copying ways of managing and leading people, and building a culture that creates an environment that helps innovation to flourish, is hard to do. This new frontier places HR and Organisational Development as a central function in enabling innovation.

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How to apply the 6‘I’s® of innovation to create impactful projects and teams

A question I am often asked when I talk with Managers about using the 6 ‘I’s® Innovation, the Model I invented to help organisations navigate the often complex and chaotic journey of a new idea, is how to apply it in their daily work within smaller projects and teams.

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Rethinking innovation

Do you consider yourself innovative? This question usually elicits a negative response for two reasons. First, people tend to wrongly equate innovation with only technologies, research and development, and new products. Second, innovation is misperceived as the domain of a select creative few.

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