Spotlight on Six ‘I’s® Certified Practioners

Chye Seng, Singapore

Entheo: So tell us about your background? 

Chye Seng: I am an engineer by training and after graduation, I worked for MNCs like Motorola, Infineon and Intel. Most of the time I was in a regional sales and business development management role. My last role was at Mediatek Innovation Centre Singapore (ICS). I have strong interest in helping start-ups in their innovation journey and Mediatek ICS gave me the opportunity to work closely with companies that are moving into new product development and applications. During my engagements, it became apparent to me that innovation is not only about having an idea or a creative spark. To be able to innovate a new product or service, it needs the whole team; customer facing, implementers, design and management to align and make it happen. 

Entheo: What attracted you to The Six ‘I’s® of Innovation? 

Chye Seng:  I came to know about the Six ‘I’s® from one of my customers. He was conducting a large scale training which incorporated the Six ‘I’s® with his students at a tertiary institution. The results were very encouraging with a great improvement in their work after adopting the Six ‘I’s®.  He knew about my work at Mediatek ICS through our frequent interactions and thought that the Six ‘I’s® would benefit me as an individual and also my work at the Innovation Centre. 

Entheo: Why did you become a Certified Practitioner? Where have you seen value added by the Six ‘I’s®? 

Chye Seng: After reading Yes, You Can Innovate, by Natalie Turner, I can link my many years of work experience, in the deep tech space, with The Six ‘I’s®. It is easy to comprehend and demonstrates that innovation is an intuitive human activity. It can be used for personal work or team projects in a corporate or organisational setting.

As more and more companies are talking about innovation as the next frontier for business growth, the demand for training in innovation increases. There is now a need for experienced managers, that have worked in industry, to facilitate innovation training and workshops. As an experienced manager and also an innovation champion, I want to be an innovation facilitator and trainer so, getting certified to be a Six ‘I’s® Practitioner has been an important step for me.

Entheo: How do you incorporate the Six ‘I’s® of Innovation into your work?

Chye Seng: I am currently running an Innovation Advisor Program. Most of the Innovation Advisors are veteran executives in their respective industries and my role is to help companies on their innovation journey. As the Program is at its infancy, I am still exploring different innovation tools and trainings that will fit our objectives. On a personal level, I think about the “Purpose” of my role and function. The Six ‘I’s® helps me to think, plan and incorporate innovation at different stages of my workflow.

Entheo: What is your key message to others out there who are considering using the Six ‘I’s®?

Chye Seng: The Six ‘I’s® Model is a framework for innovation. At different stages, we will need different mind-sets, skills and tools to help us make our ideas work. Also, we must not forget ‘Purpose’ or why we are doing something. It needs to be central to our thinking. The only way for innovation to succeed is to create the right environment by building a strong innovation culture supported by innovation leadership.