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Spotlight on Six ‘I’s® Certified Practitioners

Harvey Wade, UK

Natalie: Tell us a bit more about your background.

Harvey: My innovation journey began at Allianz UK almost 15 years ago, where I designed, setup and ran the employee innovation program for Allianz UK. It was an amazing time, lots of success but also a lot of things that didn’t quite work out. That’s the thing with innovation, it will never be perfect, but it’s about what you learn and do differently the next time. I wanted to experience innovation in other industry sectors, so joined a consultancy to advise companies from Energy and Manufacturing to Finance and Retail. Wanting to put into practice all my learning, I moved into the tech industry with Cisco as an Innovation Lead, helping leaders and their team to become more innovative. Following 2 really fun years, I left Cisco to pursue my passion to create innovators everywhere and enabling companies the transform their world.

Natalie: What attracted you to the Six ‘I’s® of Innovation?

Harvey: Innovation is all about people; it’s people-centric. The beginning of any idea comes from a person’s desire to change or improve their current world. When I asked people if they were innovative, most would give a lukewarm response as they didn’t think they were good at having ideas. However, if I asked them if they were good at giving their opinions or making things happen, they would agree vigorously! Making sure ideas are useful is incredibly important, and helped them to understand that innovation involves an idea but it is far more than just ideas. Being able to operate across the whole innovation lifecycle is vital for innovation success.

The Six ‘I’s® enables a person to understand their perceived strengths (and weaknesses) in the innovation lifecycle. Using their profile, they can get the data that shows this, helping them to understand where they need to show up in innovation. Additionally, as this is not a psychometric test, weak areas can be strengthened through learning tools and methodology to build confidence and skills. In summary, the Six ‘I’s® attracted me as it reinforced that innovation is all about the people and gives individuals a robust perspective of their innovation makeup.

Natalie: Why did you decide to become a Certified Practitioner (CP)?

Harvey: Having read the Yes, You Can Innovate book, and received my Six ‘I’s® innovation profile, I realised how powerful it is for innovators and how I could use this when I worked with a client. I decided to become a CP so I could understand the Model in a deeper way, and be able to use Six ‘I’s® with the clients I worked with. There is nothing else that incorporates innovation behaviours and tools in a succinct, clear and usable way.

Natalie: How do you incorporate the Six ‘I’s® into your work?

Harvey: I do a lot of work with groups that are often quite diverse. I need a way to talk about the innovation processes and help people to see their role in that and the balance of the team needed. The Six ‘I’s® robust assessment process provides great insights for individuals, they understand why they operate in the way that they do, and can take steps to improve weaker areas. Instead of avoiding those areas, they know how to complete the step they may have been skipping or collaborate with others to get the step done.

Individual profiles can be amalgamated into a Team Report – that gets interesting! When I work with leaders, enabling them to lead innovation and shape their future organisation, knowing their team’s innovation strengths and weaknesses is vital. It ensures bias is recognised and can be managed. It also identifies blind spots – both individual and team – and hazards that the leader needs to recognise and take steps to check that they’ve not fallen into the common traps.

The Six ‘I’s® is a really flexible Model that can be used with individuals and team at any level in an organisation to drive better innovation outcomes.

Natalie: What is your key message to others out there who are considering using the Six ‘I’s®?

Read Natalie’s book and get your personal profile – you will see how insightful it is. You’ll be convinced and then want others to get this insight! There really is no other profile or tool that is as flexible as the Six ‘I’s® – so what are you waiting for?


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Following two really fun years, Harvey left Cisco to start Innovate21 Innovate21 an innovation consultancy that enables organisations to deliver sustainable innovation impact today that creates value for tomorrow. They have a range of clients from multiple industries and locations including energy, finance, technology and charities, bringing an experienced and trusted approach that provides desired results.


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