Courtesy of Ingela Johansson, Artist and Author of Create to Flow. Quote by Yasmine Khater

If the virus could speak…..

The 21st April, 2020

Today is the United Nations World Creativity and Innovation Day. It is early morning and I am watching the sun rise over the horizon from my apartment in Penang, a small island off the north western coast of Malaysia. Liquid gold merges into blue streaks as the sky begins to light up. It’s quiet except for birds singing their dawn call. Normally, noise would start to increase by now, as the world wakes up and traffic takes to the streets. But today, in week five of the lockdown, the only sounds are the murmuring breeze and the singing of nature. This solitude of silence continues, expect for the occasional Grab motorbike courier delivering food, or the infrequent car travelling to a nearby supermarket. It is as if the earth has taken a giant breath and has quarantined us humans into small, enclosed spaces, and said,

 ‘I have had enough. It’s time for change.’

What if our potentiality for greatness, for beauty, for ever greater unity, already resides within but is waiting for a switch to turn it on, to allow a new wave of creativity to cover the earth?

What if this time was the switch?

The same spark of the liquid gold of the sunrise exists in us, is us, spreading out to the boundaries of our body and beyond. This infinite flow is only limited by the smallness of our imagination and our fixation with what we believe to be immutable, when in fact, what we have created is a construct that we collectively believe to be true. Maybe it once served us, or served some of us, but has since become the poison of our imprisonment.

What if now is the time for a great re-imagining, a great outpouring of the creative impulse in all of us to re-invent our collective experience upon this shared planet we call home?

The sun has risen now, and wisps of clouds ride across a smokeless sky. The 21st April 2020, The United Nations World Creativity and Innovation Day. Look at its Sustainability Goals. All point to creating a more harmonious world.

Which one speaks to you?

Do something today that opens your imagination beyond what is happening in your immediate environment, that can move not only you, but us, together forwards to create a kinder, gentler more open and just world.

The earth breathes out, and in its breath, in its sigh, it says,

 ‘Now is the time.’

Diversity is the lifeblood of innovation



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Photos courtesy of Ingela Johansson, Founder of ZenArt, artist and author of the book Create to Flow.

Video from reflections during the isolation of a young Italian writer during quarantine. The author of the letter is a young writer. Narrated by I.C.T. Inspiring-Creative Things and arranged by Danilo Calabrese. Music – One Step Closer by Aakash Gandhi.


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