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Join an exclusive mastermind experience

Throughout the centuries many of the most successful people have created private Mastermind groups in order to expand on the limits of what’s possible. We use the process of Masterminding as a key component for achieving goals through consistent support and accountability.

Start your Hero’s Journey

Samodiva (wild-alone) is a mystical creature from the Slavic mythology, the most gorgeous and present of all. Samodivas were well known for fighting on the side of the heroes.

Samodiva Mastermind Retreat is designed to help you build a better connection and rediscover the Hero within. We will focus on the core areas each one of us has to master to live a purposeful and heroic life.  At Samodiva Mastermind Retreat – we want to revive the Hero in each participant with mastermind sessions at breathtaking sites of Bulgaria.


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