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Heroes are not born. Heroes are made!

Samodiva Mastermind Summit is about coming together to help each other grow.
To awaken the inner hero, start living by design and focus on what really matters.
Together we will have a holistic look at the most important areas of our lives
and mastermind about the following areas: Hero’s Tale – Spiritual Area, Bravery & Courage – Mental Area, Hero’s Strength & Stamina – Physical Area, Hero’s Craft & Treasure – Professional Area, The League of Heroes – Social Area, and Hero’s Triumph – Finding Balance.

What Is Masterminding?

– It’s a facilitated brainstorming. But it’s personal. It’s about helping each other grow.

– You will be drawn into group with 4 other participants including a Mastermind Facilitator.

For each of the rounds, every member of the group has 5 min to share something they would like to improve on in each of the Hero Areas above.

– The task of the others will be to help YOU with advice, feedback, contacts etc.

– Last but not least, we exchange business cards, charge with the next keynote speech, and move on to the next round of Masterminding.


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