Dare to Dream

It was a cold and rainy day in London, and I had invited a good friend over for a catch up.

“Have you ever done a Future Interview?” He asked as we made a cup of tea together in the kitchen.

I poured water into the kettle and stared out of the window. Things were tough. It was 2010 and we were in the midst of the global recession. My husband, who had left his finance job to help me grow my business, and I had to lay off loyal employees and good friends from our company. We were struggling. My mind was very much in the present.

“No, I haven’t,” I said. “What is a Future Interview?”

He explained he would ask me questions from a future place, maybe five years, or further out from current time. It was a creative visioning and projection exercise that would release me from limitations and tap into my subconscious mind.

“Sure,” I said. “Why not. Let’s do it.”

We carried our steaming cups of tea into the lounge and sat down. Rain continued to pelt against the window. In the minutes that passed, I got lost in a make believe world of my imagination. I let go. I saw myself living in Bali. I was overlooking the sea. I had written books and was a novelist. My husband was a soul, funk DJ travelling through South East Asia playing at Festivals and Gigs. We were a long way, both metaphorically and physically, from where we were in 2010.

I laughed at the end when my friend asked me how I felt.

“Great, I said, if only it were true!”

It is now 2020. I live in Penang, Malaysia. As I pen these words, I am in my creative writing room overlooking the sea. I am a published author and received Business Book of the month in two countries receiving nominations for international writer’s awards. I have also, 80,000 words later, finished the first draft of a novel, written whilst absorbing and breathing in the sights and sounds of living by the sea. My husband is a DJ and Festival organiser. He has performed at Jazz Festivals, corporate events and private parties across South East Asia.

There is a lot that I said in that interview, ten years ago, that hasn’t yet come true, but you know, somehow, I know it will. I also have had, and continue to have, many challenges along the way. In every story, whether fiction, or in our own life, an inciting incident occurs which leads a character on a journey. For me, it was the global recession, a crisis, which triggered a change and I started to design, live and lead a life from a deeper set of desires, from the essence and purpose of who I was, who I am.

We have entered a new decade. What is your inciting incident? What desires do you have that have been squashed in the busyness of life and work? If you were to have a Future Interview what do you think you would say? Where would you be? What would you be doing? What courageous act would you need to take to move you just one step closer?