Spotlight on Six ‘I’s® Certified Practitioners

Dr Khoh Soo Beng, Malaysia

Entheo: Hello Soo Beng, it’s a delight to speak to you. You are the first person in Malaysia to become certified in the Six ‘I’s® of Innovation. As you will be pioneering the Model at the heart of Malaysia’s creativity and innovation community, please share more about yourself.

Soo Beng: I am Soo Beng. I help organisations to innovate by leveraging on the emerging technology within the realm of Industry 4.0. Graduated with a PhD in electronics engineering more than 25 years ago, I worked in the innovation field as technologist, inventor mentor, and innovation champion in Fortune 500 companies based in Malaysia and abroad. Today, I am an innovation consultant.

Entheo: How will The Six ‘I’s® impact your work? How are you going to apply the Model?

Soo Beng: The Six ‘I’s® can be used to align everyone from the grass-roots level to the C-suite. It helps to give a common language and a reason for why innovating is important.  It also helps to ensure that the key ingredients are included – culture, process, capabilities – and that people can collaborate and support each other where there are gaps. This will help them to succeed in their innovation efforts.

Entheo: Why did you decide to become certified in The Six ‘I’s® of Innovation?

Soo Beng: I’m always fascinated with profiling tools, and The Six ‘I’s® of Innovation is one such tool that caught my attention.  It focuses on helping individuals and teams to discover innovation skills and capabilities they need to grow, and augment the opportunity with strategic intervention to add value to yourself and your organisation. Knowing one’s strengths, as well as the opportunities, will empower individuals and teams to act with a higher chance of success, rather than relying solely on luck. As a Six ‘I’s® Certified Practitioner, I know that I have understood the methodology well, and able to guide my clients to achieve the same.

Entheo: Which of the Six ‘I’s® do you think has the most impact on any organization or a professional?

Soo Beng: All six of the ‘I’s and PURPOSE, as you can’t innovate successfully without all the 7 elements. In particular, PURPOSE is key as that defines “why” we innovate. Otherwise, there will be lots of activities that kept everyone busy, without much value propositions to the organisation. Gone are the days when the inventor is usually the innovator.

Entheo: Do you have any word of advice for the prospective Six ‘I’s® Certified Practitioners?

Soo Beng: Just invest in yourself and in The Six ‘I’s® of Innovation. You will discover a new, refreshing way of learning how to innovate via a simple, highly intuitive methodology. It’s better for you to be the disruptor (rather than being disrupted) at the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution.

Entheo: What is the most important or key learning that you have derived out of this program?

Soo Beng: If necessity is mother of invention, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The Six ‘I’s® of Innovation is such a simple, pragmatic and easy to follow methodology.

Natalie: How different is your business/ job likely to be now that you are a Six ‘I’s® Certified Practitioner?

Soo Beng: I am including The Six ‘I’s® as one of the offerings for my clients, especially those who like to start influencing their teams to change from within, or organically.

Entheo: Thank you for your time today Soo Beng, I enjoyed getting your insights into innovation and innovation models that work. I am thrilled that you found the Certification Programme so practical.

Soo Beng: You’re welcome! I am excited to be your first Six ‘I’s® Certified Practitioner in Malaysia and I am looking forward to spreading the model and giving others that aha! moment.




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