Innovation Role – Providing analytical thinking and objectivity

Mindset – Critical


1. Systematically researching, analysing and assessing ideas
2. Making sure ideas are useful, not just novel
3. Understanding the importance of testing and validating ideas before moving into implementation
4. Being willing to test their thinking with customers and stakeholders
5. Creating a culture where exploration and questioning is encouraged
6. Encouraging other people to think things through carefully and systematically.

The image illustrates the mindset of Investigate, Critical. The swirls, whilst still exploratory, start to converge and be more analytical in approach.


Being analytical is one of the strengths of an INVESTIGATOR, but sometimes their strengths can backfire.

  • They may continually search for more validation before they are willing to make a commitment. This can lead to a new initiative getting immobilized or stuck
  • They can get lost in the detail and lose sight of the bigger picture; why they are innovating and the overall PURPOSE
  • They can be dismissive of ideas if they don’t think they are feasible, being too quick to judge something that is untried or tested.

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