Innovation Role – Providing pragmatism, decision making and influence

Mindset – Courage

INVESTOR’s Strengths:

1. Being good at taking into account complex information and being able to make decisions
2. Understanding whether a business model might work
3. Being able to keep cool and make decisions despite difficulties
4. Can sense where and when resources should be provided
5. Influencing other organisations and people to create partnerships
6. Having the courage to take a risk.

The image represents the mindset of Courage. Swirling inwards to make a decision to act, to move forward, to go ahead.

INVESTOR’s Challenges:

INVESTORS need a good combination of logical and pragmatic thinking, with a willingness to follow their hunches and take a risk. These are often difficult skills to combine. Some barriers can include:

  • The need to ask for information that might be hard to quantify, which can slow down decision making
  • Not allocating separate funds outside normal day-to-day business requirements
  • Having too many conflicting demands on limited resources
  • Failing to help others grow in their ability to influence and becoming a ‘bottle neck’ in making things happen.

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