Innovation Role – Providing fresh perspectives, the ability to optimise and learn

Mindset – Clever

IMPROVER’s Strengths:

1. Being good at generating many ways to make an idea better
2. Being open to gathering feedback from customers, people, or stakeholders
3. Reviewing and assessing what has worked and why or why not?
4. Capturing learning
5. Learning from failure
6. Scaling an idea into other areas of opportunity.

The image represents the mindset of being Clever. The swirl starts to open up on itself again to start seeking and exploring how it can
do something better.

IMPROVER’s Challenges:

As IMPROVERS largely work with what is, rather than what could exist, they may:

  • Find it difficult to imagine completely new possibilities, and may need the support of an IGNITER
  • Rely on continuous improvement
  • Miss opportunities for more radical ideas
  • Be fearful of moving too far away from the knowledge of what they think will work.

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