Innovation Role – Providing management, focus and discipline

Mindset – Commitment

IMPLEMENTER’s Strengths:

1. Being good at planning and organising
2. Making things happen
3. Managing risks
4. Motivating others to achieve results
5. Building alliances and partnerships
6. Allocating and managing resources
7. Building and managing strong teams.

The image represents the mindset of Commitment. The swirls start to form a shape, they converge in on themselves to direct energy into focused activity.

IMPLEMENTER’s Challenges:

IMPLEMENTERS like to get things done, and tend to be practical and focused, and action orientated but they can:

  • Sometimes jump into action too quickly
  • Not allow time for investigating the feasibility of an idea
  • Lose sight of the innovative aspect of what they are trying to achieve
  • Get caught up in operational issues and lose sight of the bigger picture.

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