Innovation Role – Providing novelty, freshness and energy for new ideas and a sense of new possibilities

Mindset – Creativity

IGNITER’S Strengths:

1. The first to come up with new ideas
2. Good at seeking new knowledge outside their current areas of interest
3. Not afraid of challenging their own thinking as well as that of other people
4. Original thinkers
5. Can see connections between different and unrelated ideas
6. Good at creating a culture where people feel free to contribute their ideas
7. Skilled at motivating and inspiring others.

The swirling image illustrates the mindset of Creativity. The swirl moves backwards and forwards. It is open ended and explorative.

IGNITER’s Challenges:

IGNITERS love to come up with new ideas. Lots of them. But, as with all strengths, there can be challenges:

  • They can become distracted with too many ideas that take them into multiple directions. This can dilute their energy and effectiveness
  • They can get attached to their own ideas and not think through whether they are feasible
  • They can enjoy jumping into action and implementation too quickly
  • They can generate lots of ideas and not see them through into fruition.

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