Innovation Role – Providing vision, direction and a sense of new possibilities

Mindset – Curiosity


1. Visualising and imagining the future
2. Making sense of trends and patterns and thinking about what they might mean for opening fresh opportunities
3. Being forward thinking, strategic and noticing and seeing things that other people don’t
4. Being curious and having lots of different interests and a huge appetite for learning
5. Having a positive outlook on life and seeing opportunities where others see problems
6. Outward looking and interested in the world around them
7. They often seek to add new people, whom they believe will bring new thinking, to their networks.

The swirling image illustrates the mindset of Curiosity. It is open-ended, dynamic, explorative and able to generate momentum.

IDENTIFIER’S Challenges:

As with all strengths, particularly if they are overdone, there can be challenges.

  • As IDENTIFIERS are usually big-picture thinkers, they can often miss the detail
  • Future-orientated they can lose focus on the present day
  • They can get easily bored if not stimulated by new things, new ideas and new ways of thinking
  • If intellectually driven, they can sometimes be too abstract or conceptual in how they explain things to other people.

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