The 6 ‘I’s® is a PEOPLE and PURPOSE centred methodology that blends the principles of design thinking with organisational development, and a unique innovation strengths assessment for individuals and teams. It was invented by Natalie Turner, CEO and Founder of The Entheo Network, and author of the book Yes, You Can Innovate.

The Model has been developed in partnership with organisations, industry and leading thinkers, including award winning cross-cultural psychologist Dr. Gilles Spony.

The 6 ‘I’s® brings together the “what” the “how” and the “why” of innovation:

  • What? A clear and simple approach for creating and implementing new ideas
  • How? A way to measure, analyse and build individual, team and organisational innovation capabilities
  • Why? Defining PURPOSE, why are you trying to innovate, what do you hope to achieve and why is it important?
The Six 'I's® of Innovation

What Makes the Six ‘I’s® Unique?

1AGILE (Non-Linear) Journey
Innovation journeys are commonly represented by an assumption that innovation starts at the same place, ‘the beginning’. The Six ‘I’s® provides a trailblazing perspective on this, by representing the journey as an inter-connected whole. In reality, innovation efforts can start at any stage, cycle back into PURPOSE, cycle back out, moving backwards and forwards at any time; to eventual resolution.

2PURPOSE at the Centre
Many processes and models suggest jumping into a challenge (the ‘WHAT’). The Six ‘I’s® breaks the mould by starting at the heart of a challenge …with an exploration of the WHY? The Six ‘I’s® is an innovation MODEL for the 4th Industrial Revolution that encourages sustainability and PURPOSE at its core.

3More than just a robust PROCESS
Many innovation models focus only on the process and miss out the equally important component of building systems and policies to support innovation efforts. The two triangles that link PURPOSE to the six stages, symbolise this connection, as innovation efforts often fall apart if they don’t take into consideration culture and ways of working.

4PROFILING TOOLS – Leveraging Strengths, Building Capabilities

Most innovation efforts are focused on addressing a challenge or seizing an opportunity. Sometimes, innovation efforts fail because the individual or team does not possess the requisite skillset to make an idea work. The Six ‘I’s® profiling tools allow organisations to discover individual and team collective strengths, which enable targeted interventions to leverage strengths and provide support where needed.

5MINDSETS for Innovation
The Six ‘I’s ® is the world’s only Model which incorporates the various mindsets required to innovate. This is a radical breakaway from the idea that a separate, singular mindset is required.

Adopting The Six ‘I’s® does not require a rejection of other systems or approaches. It is an incredibly flexible architecture that seamlessly incorporates other tools, methodologies and ways of working e.g. lean, agile, sprints, design thinking, business model canvas, lateral thinking , pitching, and so on…

What are the 6 ‘I’s®?

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