Why is it so difficult to make new ideas work?

Innovation efforts sometimes fail because the right skills, knowledge, culture, or processes needed to make an idea happen are not harnessed to create sustainable impact.

The 6 ‘I’s® helps people and teams to understand their innovation strengths, contribute their skills and provide a clear road map to navigate and create value within times of uncertainty and change.

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The Six ‘I’s® offers a human-centred approach to innovation, blending DESIGN THINKING with ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT and a unique proprietary innovation strengths assessment for individuals and teams

Are you?

  • An innovation champion or leader looking to build innovation skills, capability and culture

  • An innovation consultant, coach or trainer who would like to extend your range of assessment tools and methodologies

  • An individual that wants to discover your innovation strengths

About The Entheo Network

The Entheo Network is a leadership innovation company, founded by Natalie Turner and Carl Hinds in 2006 in London. Now headquartered in Singapore, the business provides consultancy and training services to help individuals and organisations create new products and services whilst building innovation skills, capabilities and culture.  Entheo’s clients come from a range of industries including Pharmaceutical, IT, Media and Financial Services as well as Public Sector organisations and fast growing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  The Entheo Network are the owners and developers of The Six ‘I’s® invented by Natalie in 2009.  They operate through a trained group of Six ‘I’s® Certified Practitioners around the world. 

Helping To Create New Sources of Value

  • – Products
  • – Services
  • – Experience
  • – Business Models


Helping To Build Innovation Culture

  • – Skills
  • – Mindsets
  • – Know how
  • – Culture


Defining Purpose

  • – Alignment
  • – Clarity
  • – BIG and small PURPOSE


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